Nissan Prepaid Maintenance Plans

Nissan Security+Plus® Extended Protection Plans deliver peace of mind with superior benefits and protection.

Advantages of Prepaid Maintenance Protection

Service You Can Trust
Whether you purchased or leased your Nissan, the convenience of a Prepaid Maintenance Plan means no out-of-pocket costs for covered services performed at your selling Nissan dealer, or any participating Nissan dealer in the US.

Factory-trained Technicians
Nissan technicians can identify potential problems during regular maintenance that other service facilities might miss.

Advanced Diagnostic Equipment
Specially designed for Nissan vehicles, available at our nationwide network of Nissan dealers.

Genuine Nissan Parts
Engineered to keep your vehicle at peak performance, only Genuine Nissan parts are used to maintain your vehicle’s reliability and value.

Hedge Against Inflation
Lock in lower costs by pre-paying for maintenance.


Protect your Nissan with Security+Plus Prepaid Maintenance

Protects Your Warranty Coverage
As a condition of your Nissan warranty, you are responsible for properly maintaining your vehicle and maintenance records.

Protects Your Investment
Properly maintained vehicles with reliable documentation earn a higher resale value.

Protects the Environment
A well-maintained vehicle consumes less fuel and has lower emissions.

Protects Against Rising Fuel Costs
Regular maintenance helps your vehicle run at its peak efficiency.

Protects Your Peace of Mind
With dozens of options, choose the Prepaid Maintenance Plan that best suits your particular need.